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Public Works

Throughout the central Texas region, Murfee Engineering has demonstrated an expertise for water and wastewater engineering work. For both public and private utilities, our team of technical professionals has expertise in the planning, design, permitting, and construction of distribution, collection and transmission systems, water supply infrastructure, treatment facilities, pump stations, water storage facilities, and much more.

District Engineering

Murfee serves as District Engineer for over 25 districts in the central Texas region. For over 40 years, Murfee Engineering has been dedicated to the sustainable growth of the greater Austin area by providing a full suite of engineering services to the communities that characterize the central Texas landscape. From Municipal Utility Districts (MUD) to Public Utility Agencies (PUA), our team performs professional civil engineering services related to the planning, design, construction and maintenance of District facilities and District unique capital improvement projects.

Land Development

Our land development team provides a complete suite of development services from feasibility through early entitlements and permits on to execution with preliminary and final platting, design, and construction administration. We set ourselves apart through our high-level perspective, intelligent and efficient problem solving, and knowledge and relationships to get projects completed.

Construction Administration & Observation

As the onsite eyes and ears to our engineering staff, the Construction Administration and Observation team works on both Municipal and Land Development projects to ensure construction is in accordance with design plans and specifications. We have the skills and tools meet the needs of the most demanding projects where a presence onsite is vital. Whether it’s drone observations and survey work, water facility and tank inspections, paving projects or pipeline construction – our goal is to facilitate the entire construction lifecycle.

GIS Services

At MEC we provide a wide range of services to assist projects and clients to leverage their data and by mapping their assets to visualize, manage, disseminate, and interpret data. MEC can help you improve your operations, reduce costs, and help you better serve your customers. At MEC we implement ArcGIS Online tools to use smart, data-driven mapping styles and intuitive analysis tools to gain location intelligence. Work effectively across your organization by collaboratively building and using maps. Share your insights with specific people or your community. MEC has been instrumental in creating district-wide map books and Web Mapping applications for real-time use by our clients.

Drone Services

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), otherwise known as drones, have become ubiquitous on jobsites in recent years. Drones give you and your stakeholders more detail and context on projects large and small throughout the entire construction life cycle. With three FAA certified operators on-staff we are happy to consult on specific applications and flight profiles that bring value to your projects, tailoring our approach to fit your need.

Planning & Entitlements

Our planning and entitlements division provides thorough evaluation of a site in relation to existing entitlements/approvals, identification of regulatory jurisdictions, topographical and environmental constraints, drainage and water quality requirements, utility providers,  and recommendations to assist in a master land-use plan that balances economic, social, and environmental values

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