Stormwater Quality

There is a growing interest across the country to protect and preserve our natural resources. This interest and concern is generating guidelines and regulation aimed at the identified sources of pollution.

Murfee Engineering Company (MEC) has been tracking the ongoing development of rules and regulations at both the federal, state and local levels, and has been involved in assisting these entities with reviewing, planning and developing appropriate stormwater regulations. To ensure compliance, MEC has kept close attention to the Edwards Aquifer water quality rules, the Environmental Protection Agency’s NPDES and now the TPDES Construction General Permit and the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit.

The control of stormwater pollutants from new development projects is attainable through the institution of ordinance and code which mandates the use of either vegetative or structural controls and other design/construction methods. However, the control of stormwater quality from existing development, especially urbanized areas, can be both costly and disruptive and requires careful planning and implementation.

MEC has a uniquely thorough background in the planning, design and implementation of controls for stormwater quality. Our continuous involvement with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) and its staff on behalf of other state agencies, local/regional government and private sector clients have given MEC an insight into the process and timely implementation of cost effective project development.

In the past, MEC has demonstrated the ability to work in concert with experts in the field of Municipal and State law to develop regional implementation plans which took into account financial restraints and planning goals, yet offered the flexibility necessary to adjust to the ever changing financial and regulatory environment.

MEC would appreciate the opportunity to discuss these issues with you. We would enjoy the opportunity to share our knowledge and insight at your convenience and to offer our services to help you plan for the needs of your community.