John Robert Ferguson III, P.E. – Managing Engineer

Licensed Professional Engineer, Texas No. 62473

Mr. Ferguson is a member of CASE (Capital Area Suburban Exchange), American Water Works Association, and the Water Environment Federation.

Mr. Ferguson joined the team at MEC in 1996 after service at Espey Huston & Associates, and 10 years with the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (now TCEQ). He currently represents MEC as District Engineer for thirteen districts and as engineer for various investor owned utilities (IOUs). He is responsible for the review of utility construction plans for water, wastewater and drainage improvements within the Districts and IOUs. He coordinates system planning and design efforts. He is responsible for the preparation of various applications requesting TCEQ approval of utility projects and the issuance of bonds, and for the preparation of creation reports supporting the creation of municipal utility districts and water control and improvement districts.

Mr. Ferguson supervised the Creations and Bond Review Team of the District Administration Section of the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission. For six years he oversaw the review process for creation of water districts and approval of districts’ request for approval of the issuance of bonds and related applications. He testified before Administrative Law Judges and the Commission on a regular basis.

Mr. Ferguson holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M University (1978)